• Kava Juice Extract (Instant Kava Juice 30% Extract Raw Powder)

2/16: King Solomon Kava Juice Extract is back!

This batch is the original Kava Juice Extract from the Solomon Islands

We hadn't been able to import it until now because of the natural disaster

Kava Juice Extract (Imported via Solomon Islands)
(30% Kavalactone Dehydrated Kava Juice Extract)

100% Noble Kava

Kava Juice extract is considerably better than the generic, cheap Kava root that is widely available.

Kava Juice Extract is super strong!

(Much different than regular Kava root)

Happy Hippo's Kava is KAVA JUICE EXTRACT, not "Kava Root" or that generic brown powder Kava that you may be familiar with. Totally different world than regular Kava.  

Start with a small amount (2-5 grams) to evaluate. Mixes well with Milk or Coconut Water (add sweetener, if needed).

Kava Juice Extract can improve mood and reduce irritability.

Our Raw Kava Powder should provide -

1oz (28 grams) = 5 to 10 servings 

100 grams = 15 to 35 servings

4oz (112 grams) = 20 to 40 servings

1/2 Kilo (500 grams, 17.6 oz) = 100 to 200 servings 

FDA Warnings

The FDA recommends that people who have or have had liver problems and/or liver disease, persons who frequently use alcoholic beverages, or persons who are taking any medication should consult a physician before using Kava.

Stop use and see a physician if you develop symptoms that may signal liver problems (e.g. unexplained fatigue, abdominal pain, loss of appetite, fever, vomiting, brown urine, light colored stools, yellow eyes or skin).

Not for use by persons under 18 years of age, or by pregnant or breast-feeding women. Not for use with alcoholic beverages. Excessive use or use with products that cause drowsiness may impair your ability to operate a vehicle or heavy equipment. Kava-containing products should not be taken for more than 4 weeks without consulting a doctor.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration.

This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

The information herein is provided for convenience purposes only, it is not medical advice or a suitable replacement for advice from a medical professional or your health care provider.

Kava Juice Extract (Instant Kava Juice 30% Extract Raw Powder)

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