• Common Rural Red Vein Thai (Common Red Vein Thai)

"Red Vein Thai (Rural) Exotic Tea"

Projected Speed: Fast (Active/Vibrant)

An affordable, Red Thai Tea Leaf without disproportionally-high fast alkaloids

1oz = $7 & 4oz = $28


What are "Common" Strains? (Realistic Expectations)

We often receive different varieties of tea leaf, but not all do we carry under the high-quality 'Hippo' name. Common leaf can be considered a value strain. We sell these for cheap. 

Terms of Use

We DO NOT sell any of our products with any medical claims.
** This product is not intended to treat, cure or prevent any illness or disease.
Our products are not intended for use by pregnant or nursing women or if you have a medical condition.
DO NOT combine with alcohol or ANY prescription medications.
Not for sale to persons under 21.    
Our product is a 100% unadulterated botanical specimen harvested without pesticides

Common Rural Red Vein Thai (Common Red Vein Thai)

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