• Ho Chi Minh Hippo (Green & Yellow Viet)

New: April 6 2018

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"Ho Chi Minh Hippo" (Rare Mix)

(Light Green & Yellow Leaf From Vietnam)

Exotic Green & Yellow Tea from Vietnam

Projected speed: Moderate/Balanced

Puddles' Comments:

Most people haven't tried tea from Vietnam and prefer to stick with Indonesian and Thai leaf because they know what to expect.

In reality, Viet leaf actually almost always work pretty well for those who like the lighter (lighter green, yellow) varieties.

Most people simply have a good experience because it has different alkaloids than the Indonesian, Thai and Malaysian varieties. 

If you haven't sampled Viet leaf, this is a combination of Green and Yellow Viet and you will have a solid idea of how Viet leaf treats you.

Note: "Ho Chi Mihn Hippo" is similar to our 2017 "Viet Hippo".

It contains the previous Yellow Viet Hippo leaf and a new Green Viet strain.

Most "Viet" leaf is a darker-green, ours is a lighter green - so it should be a wee bit faster. 

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Ho Chi Minh Hippo (Green & Yellow Viet)

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