• Sumatra Red (Magic Hippo)

Magic Hippo is Back!

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Sumatra Red formerly called "Magic Hippo", is a scarce variety of an high-quality red Indonesian leaf that grows on the tiny island of Java (Indonesia).

It would probably be the most popular Kratom strain but it will probably never be that widely available. 

Like our other products, we make sure Magic Hippo is ground multiple times to remove 99% (the vast majority) of inferior stem and vein since this variety is so exclusive. The resulting product is a “powdered sugar” incense that is similar in consistency to Happy Hippo I.

Our product is ground with only Sundanese (West Indo Java) leaves that contains no fillers and no inferior strains. You will receive a 100% pure Sundanese incense if you choose to order this variety and you'll know it. :)


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Sumatra Red (Magic Hippo)

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