About Us

Happy Hippo only sells the freshest, cleanest and highest-quality plain leaf Kratom for your hobby and craft needs.

We do not sell extracts or enhanced blends. 

As of 2016, we've also been able to offer competitive prices!

Experiences with Kratom can vary so dramatically since there are so many factors determining the quality of the product.

Some of these factors include (but are not limited to)-
- Is your Kratom incense fresh or has it sat around in a warehouse for 2 years?
- Does your Kratom have inexpensive ‘fillers’ such as stem and vein material?
- Have the leaves been processed, grinded, sifted so that the Kratom alkaloids readily available in the form of a “powdered sugar” consistency? Or is the final product a dry “sandy” or “grainy” mixture?

and more advanced factors that only a Herbal connoisseur or experienced botanist would analyze and consider-

- What was level of humidity in the climate that the Kratom was harvested?
- What were the Kratom leaves washed in after the leaves were picked?
- How were the Kratom leaves dried?
- When exported, was the Kratom vacuum-sealed in dark containers?

Our Kratom (Mitragyna Speciosa) is harvested on several different plantations (sources) in the South Pacific. We only work with plantations that have extensive harvesting procedures and explain their process to us.

In short - the leaves are picked, triple-washed in sterile water and taken inside an open-air greenhouse to dry in their natural humidity. The leaves are rinsed lightly again, examined individually and are subject to regional exporting cleanliness codes. The leaves are exported to us in vacuum-sealed light resistant packages within a week (sometimes days) of being harvested. The plants, by botanist standards, are literally alive when we receive them. We can probably replant most of them. We grind the Kratom, upwards of 3 times to effective de-vein, de-stem and to remove inferior fillers from the final product.

This process goes far beyond and differs dramatically from “bare minimum” washed old bulk powder that often sold elsewhere.

As you might expect - the quality differs dramatically too.

We know what good Kratom is and we know what bad Kratom is.

We only sell REALLY GOOD Kratom.

Happy Hippo is committed to give you the highest-quality, cleanest and freshest Kratom incense you can find on Planet Earth.

It’s the best we’ve found and we looked all over the planet!

We think you will agree.