Happy Hippo’s Guide to Preventing Kratom Tolerance

Kratom Tolerance? We're Here to Help! Let's talk 'Kratom Tolerance', some misconceptions and more importantly - how to prevent it.  Collectively, the staff at Happy Hippo has over 2 decades of experience with this wondrous herb. Many of us even enjoy Kratom on a daily basis and can present some tricks lowering "Tolerance" that you may not have considered.   We are going to repeat the follow 2 concepts several time as ...
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Hyper Hippo Review - Our Most Popular Strain (Maeng Da Elite Green)  

A Review of "Hyper Hippo" and What to Expect Since our birth in February 2013, Hyper Hippo has been Happy Hippo's most popular strain! Hyper Hippo has sold nearly double the amount of any other Happy Hippo Leaf.  Why? While "Maeng Da" strains are historically thought to be the 'highest-quality' and "Green" is the most common color, there is actually more specific customer-provided reason - Hyper Hippo is considered by most customers to ...
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Save Kratom in Ohio (Ohio Residents) Deadline: April 30th, 2019 

What's Happening in Ohio?  If you remember a few months back, Ohio's Board of Pharmacy wanted to ban kratom. The opposition was temporarily slowed by a series of studies and reviews presented in favor of kratom. Did they listen?  Of course not. They voted to approve the proposal to ban kratom. If they get their way, kratom will join substances like heroin and bath salts.  This is a concentrated movement by a select group of po...
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Happy Hippo's Guide to the Kratom Community

Discrimination: 1. The unjust or prejudicial treatment of different categories of people or things.  2. Recognition and understanding of the differences between one thing or another.  Historically, the first definition calls to mind Martin Luther King Jr., Malcom X, Susan B. Anthony, Rosa Parks, Gandhi, and other towering figures who fought the good fight against social, racial, and religious injustice while also contributing in subtler...
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Happy Hippo’s Guide to Rotating Kratom Strains

“You know what Kratom (Mitragyna speciosa) stands for?” “Kratom (more strains).” A Hippo customer emailed us that gem. He wished to discuss the pros and cons of strain rotation and Stagnant Strain Syndrome (SSS), which is linked to increasing tolerance and diminishing kratom effects (rotating strains seems to help). SSS is roughly defined as “decreased positive effects linked with the use of a minimal number of strains, typically two or less.” Ba...
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Happy Hippo’s Guide on How to Buy Kratom

How to Buy Kratom Online (And Not Have an Un-Happy Outcome!) With fine groups like the American Kratom Association  (AKA) raising national awareness, and privately funded ventures educating the public on local and regional levels, the quality of kratom available to the everyday consumer is steadily increasing. As you’ll see, however, there are still many problematic and potentially dangerous venues from which to purchase kratom. Our goa...
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