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Top-shelf quality doesn't always require a ladder to reach.

Particularly, if you are a Monkey or happen to know Puddles. 

(Monkey Sound: Ou Ou Ah Ah) 

Happy Hippo's Top-Shelf Bali truly is "Top Shelf", as one of our very first customers coined it in April of 2013.

We'll tell you why. 

Bali Elite Green Top Shelf Bali Review

Green Bali Kratom - Happy Hippo's Original Happy (Slow) Leaf

Top-Shelf Bali is one of three (1 out of 3) Kratom Strains that laid the foundation for Happy Hippo Herbals' birth.

Time: Long-time friends of Hippo have drawn consistent benefit from this Green Leaf for the past six years.

Possible Bali benefits: Happy Feelings or Sense of Well-being, Anti-Illogical Thoughts, Subdued Mental and Physical Discomforts

Reflection: Puddles is getting Old(er). Discomfort-Free days and an overall sense of Happiness have contributed to a fleeting sense of time. 

Background History for Best Understanding:Top-Shelf Bali Kratom

[Circa 2013]: Puddles decreed a three-category spectrum from the start. The starting line was drawn after years of experience with Kratom and its versatile offerings. 

Original Slow Strain = Top Shelf Bali (Bali Elite Green)

Original Moderate Strain = Happy Hippo 1 (Indo Super Green)

Original Fast Strain = Hyper Hippo (Maeng Da Elite Green)

Some claim that Kratom Powder is no different from one strain to the next, all benefits and side effects (good and bad) remain the same.

Puddles oftentimes wonders if these Talking Heads have actually experienced different varieties of Kratom for themselves?

Even doing something as simple as adjusting your Kratom Dosage can cause a Leaf to exhibit different effects that it previously had shown.

If you change to an entirely different Leaf it's reasonable to expect the new Leaf will offer a unique experience of its own. 

Reasonable Expectation: Top Shelf Bali is a superior resource for Happiness/Discomfort-Management than both 'HH1' and Hyper Hippo.

Spectrum Equation for Discomfort-Management: Slow > Moderate > Fast

Bali Effects - 4 Different Types of Bali Kratom Online

Truth: The most similar choice to a Green Bali Hippo will be another Bali Hippo that is simply another color.

Colors available in-nature for Bali range from Red, Green and Yellow, and White.  

Energy or Motivation is not a strong suit of Slow Strains, whether it is a Bali Leaf or otherwise. Though, if your serving-size is on the low end of what you would deem as your "Sweet Spot" you can experience a subtle increase in Energy with Bali Kratom. Most Hippos have found that the Yellow Bali is slightly more stimulating than Green Bali & Green Bali is slightly more stimulating than Red Bali.

There is always a give-and-take relationship between "Energy" and "Happy".

Bali, of any color, always falls closer to "Happy".

Yellow Bali is represented by Royalty. Royal Golden Bali is very similar to Top-Shelf Green Bali, but slightly Faster.

Red Bali is represented by the Red Dragon. Red Dragon Bali is very similar to Top-Shelf Green Bali, but slightly Slower.

Super Happy & Helpful Slow Leaf Chart

Hippo Infographic , Just the Slow Kratom Strains

If a Leaf is slightly Faster than another Leaf, it will be slightly better for Energy (so it will be slightly worse for Happy/Discomfort-Management). 

Likewise -

If a Leaf is slightly Slower than another Leaf, it will be slightly better for Happiness/Discomfort-Management (so it will be slightly worse for Energy). 

Neither "Fast" (energy/enthusiasm) or "Slow" (happy/relief) is considered better.

It's all about what YOU are looking for!

What You Can Expect from Our Top-Shelf Bali

(Review of Green Bali Kratom's Effects)

Why is Happy Hippo's Green Bali Better Than Other Bali Kratom Online?


Peace of Mind. 

Less physical and psychological stress. 

Top-Shelf Bali is not meant to be an energetic or "Fast" Leaf.

It probably won't make you clean up your room or do dishes, like Ghost Hippo.

Top-Shelf Bali is strictly a relaxing option. 

"Bali" is the most common Leaf on the market and is often the first variety that Newbies try.

Unfortunately - the majority of Bali on the market is very cheap and ALMOST ALWAYS milled from immature Kratom trees. 

Sadly, this leads Newbies to believe that Kratom doesn't work for them.
(or that Kratom isn't the wondrous plant that we all know it can be)

Our Top-Shelf Bali, like ALL of our other Hippo strains, is milled from mature trees with well-developed, potent alkaloids.

It is night and day compared to the cheap, grainy "Smokeshop Bali" that most Newbies first encounter. 

For veteran enthusiasts, Top-Shelf Bali is often the base of their fantastic Fast-Slow mixes (e.g. Hyper Hippo + Top-Shelf Bali Hippo).

Closing Thoughts

Top-Shelf Bali started off as our singular choice for a Slow (Happy) Kratom Strain. It is now surrounded by 11 other great choices.

An abundance of high-quality options can be a great thing. Sometimes it can be overwhelming and very often it is this way for Newbies. If you are hesitant on which Slow Strain(s) to choose, we can confidently assess our Top-Shelf Green Bali as being a stellar choice based on its representation being a "standard" amongst Veteran Kratom Connoisseurs. 

We do not preach here at Hippo, but if there is one thing we come close to being preachy on it would be this - 

Just Get Started, Your Personal Intuition Knows You Best

While this composition of thoughts is dedicated to our Green Bali, you truly cannot go wrong with any of our Bali Hippo varieties.

If you picked your favorite color you'd still off to a great start. As time goes by, you will narrow your list of favorite strains down and we are willing to bet a Bali or two will remain.

- Check out our "Original Happy Strain" aka Happy Hippo's Top-Shelf Green Bali.

Your Original Happy Friend,

Top-Shelf Puddles Hippo