Green Maeng Da (Hyper Hippo) Review

Why Is Hyper Hippo the #1 Happy Hippo Kratom Leaf of All-Time? 

Since our birth in February 2013, Hyper Hippo has been one of Happy Hippo's most popular strain!

Hyper Hippo has sold nearly double the amount of any other Happy Hippo Leaf. 


While "Maeng Da" strains are historically thought to be the 'highest-quality' and "Green" is the most common color, there is actually more specific customer-provided reason -

Hyper Hippo is considered by most customers to be the perfect balance of "Energy" (actual energy, not just motivation) and "Happy" (sense of well-being). 

Faster strains, even quality Maeng Da Leaf, can be overstimulating for many.

Energy with jitters is no bueno. 

Hyper Hippo delivers the clean energy without the jitters - even to those who often don't do well with the Faster strains.

Basically -

There are some strains that provide more energy (Thunder or Rockstar Hippo).

There some strains that provide more Happy (Magic Hippo or Smiley Horned Hippo)...

But, many believe, there is no strain that provided more energy AND Happy than Hyper Hippo.

Hyper Hippo is considered by many to simply be the most well-rounded strain.

That's why it's called the "Everything Strain".

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Maeng Da Kratom Dosage (Serving Size)

If you are a newbie -

Start low. Like, really low. This goes for all Veins of Maeng Da Kratom (Red, Green, White, and Yellow). 

We don’t recommend beginning over 1.5g, and preferably starting at 1g. Hyper is one of the easiest strains to gauge the dosage because it has such an obviously stimulating effect. But that also means that it’s easier to take too much of it, which can be an uncomfortable experience.

Puddles at Home Gym

What to Expect From Hyper Hippo (Green Maeng Da)

Green Maeng Da is not only one of the most stimulating Kratom strains; it also provides many of the qualities you associate with relieving, Slower strains.

This a rare combination in the Kratom world!

While Hyper Hippo not necessary the most energetic or most relaxing - it may be the very best at providing both qualities.

While we wouldn’t recommend it if you need help sleeping or for discomfort relief, it will absolutely help you get through a long day when you need to stay alert and in a Happy mood. 

Holland, as a Hippo Kratom Newbie, started things off just right with our Green Maeng Da:

Why Green Maeng Da is the Best Green Kratom Leaf!


Favorite Use

Some people really enjoy using Hyper to workout. We totally endorse that approach! Our favorite things to do are active, but focused. If you have a physically demanding task that you need to get out of the way? Hyper Hippo has your back.

It may be a little too potent to sweep your room, but let’s say you need to overhaul your entire wardrobe? Perfect. Make sure you use this strain with an idea in mind. It’s not like some of our other general-use strains. Just make sure your activity requires some kind of activity. That’s where Hyper Hippo shines brightest.

How to Use Green Maeng Da

(Advice from Puddles Hippo)

Hyper Hippo is a our favorite for the gym. 

But frankly, it's great to walk your puppy too.
(as in - you use Hyper Hippo, not your dog)

Hyper Hippo is the "get stuff done" strain. 

To this day, one our favorite 'be more social' mixes is 1:1 Hyper:Top-Shelf Bali.

Hyper = Energy and Enthusiasm

Top-Shelf Bali = Be Nice to People

We use 1-2 grams of Hyper Hippo and 1-2 grams of Top-Shelf Bali. 

We always say that "mixing" is the key to really unlocking Kratom's magic and the "Hyper + Bali" mix is legendary. 

Closing Thoughts

Hyper Hippo is nexus of Energy and Happy.

While results will certainly vary from person-to-person...

From 7 years in business, we've learned that -

Hyper Hippo isn’t always everyone's absolute favorite strain, it is the most consistently in most long-time customer's top five and daily rotation.

Kratom Newbies should have Hyper Hippo as one of the first five strains they buy. 

You can find our best-selling Hyper Hippo here -

Green Maeng Da Hyper Hippo

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