What is the Best Kratom Strain for Me?

Out of all the strains to choose from - here's a guide to narrow down your options


Happy Hippo Fulfillment Room 2020

Before getting hired by Happy Hippo, I did what every person should do before an interview; I researched the company.

I looked up the website and started looking at what the company was selling.

This process was - to say the least - intimidating.

Not only had I never tried Kratom before - but I had no idea there were so many varieties of this product. I saw how each strain had a name assigned by Happy Hippo, and another name attached describing what leaf it was. (i.e. Rockstar Hippo vs. White Maeng Da)

I immediately thought to myself, “If I were to buy some of this right now, I have no idea what I would even get!”

Strain Speeds

To better explain the website to newbies, our Kratom is broken down into 3 speeds

Slow, Moderate, and Fast!

Fast strains are normally the best for productivity, pro-social mindset, energy, and encouraging a vibrant lifestyle.

Slow strains are better for encouraging a sense of well-being, temporary reduction in general discomfort, and restful sleep.

Moderate strains provide a balanced effect between Slow and Fast strains.

Tip #1: We have a special “Strains Chart” on the website - this tells you exactly how fast a fast strain is, or how slow a slow strain is depending on where it lands on the diagram (this does not include seasonal strains)

Click here to view ----> Kratom Effects Chart

Once you contemplate over which speed you would like, you are granted with even more options to choose from within that speed category.


Strain Names

The first part of each strain name is usually a color; Red, White, Green, Gold, etc.

This is what color the leaf was when the plant was harvested 

Most strains provide more than one, if not all, of these same effects within each other; some effects are just more noticeable with a particular color 

After the color then comes the second part of the name; Maeng Da, Bali, Malay, etc.

This is based on where the plant was grown and harvested

Oddly enough - where the plant is grown can have a pretty substantial effect on how the leaf resonates 

Maeng Da and Thai strains usually lie in the Fast category

Indo strains are more commonly Moderate strains

Borneo, Viet, Bali, Hulu, and Sumatras are all more likely to be Slow leafs


Product Pages

When deciding what strain to pick at that point, it is important to open each strain and read the product page given

In the product page, we give a brief description of each strain, based on compiled reviews from our very own Hippo Employees.

The description of each strain will never claim to cure/aid your medical problems - this is because Happy Hippo (and any other Kratom vendor in general) cannot make any medical claims

Kratom is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or condition

Tip #2: There is no such thing as the “best strain”. Every single strain resonates differently with each customer and the perfect strain for Jane may be a terrible strain for John!


Boost your Kratom Experience - Finding the “Sweet Spot”

Every customer will go through trial and error when trying a new strain 

This process usually starts with them trying way too much in their first serving, getting an upset stomach, and throwing that strain out altogether 

Something important for our Hippos to understand is, with Kratom, more is not better

The process can also go the other way; the customer does not take enough causing them “not to feel anything” so they omit the strain as well 

This is where the SWEET SPOT comes in! Every customer’s sweet spot is going to be at a different point on the serving scale, and it may take a little experimenting to figure out where that is 

Our Kratom serving sizes are as follows 

Below 125: [0.25-0.50 Gram]

125-160: [0.50-0.75 Gram]

Above 160 lbs: [0.75-1.00 Gram]

 Below 150 lbs: [0.75-1.5 Gram]

150-210 lbs: [1.5-2.25 Gram]

Above 210 lbs: [2.25-3.0 Gram]

These serving-sizes are fairly low - but it is better to start ‘too low’ than ‘too much’

Tip #3: Keeping a Kratom Log is very beneficial in finding your Sweet Spot: Log how much you took, when you took it, what you felt from it, etc. and keep increasing your serving size slowly until you feel just right!

In conclusion, you are probably not going to order the absolute best strain your first time around - so don’t stress yourself out too much 

Kratom is like coffee or wine - it takes a bit of experimentation to figure out what the best variety is 

Our Newbie’s tab on the website is a good place to start, where you can order different types of Kratom in one pack!

Check out that page here ----> Kratom Sample Packs