Happy Hippo Kratom Extracts - They’re Finally Here!

 You read that right! No more carrying around a bag of Kratom with you wherever you go  - Extracts are here to expand your options!

 What are Kratom Extracts?

 Extracts are a concentrated form of any substance - in this case, Kratom!

 There are 3 common types of Extracts, these include:

 “Extracting” means to pull out the best parts of Kratom - the alkaloids!

 The alkaloids - Mitragynine and 7-Hydroxymitragynine - are the cause of the effects consumers feel when they take Kratom

 How are the alkaloids extracted?

 Our extracts were made using a food-grade ethanol (the same kind of alcohol used in wine or beer) which is used to pull the alkaloids out of the leaf 

 Disclaimer: No, this extract will not get someone drunk nor will it taste like alcohol! 

 The Kratom leaf powder is first mixed with the ethanol and citric acid, then put into a separate container. That container is then placed in boiling water, ensuring no hot water actually gets in to the mixture, which will then be boiled until all the ethanol has evaporated 

 A semi-solid paste like substance is then created, dried out, and crushed back down into powder 

 That powder goes through a similar process again; suspended in purified water, ascorbic acid (vitamin C) and citric acid are then added as a preservative, and lastly we add vegetable usp kosher glycerol, which makes it an oil. 

 Extracts that are created this way can also be called ‘tinctures’


What Are the Pros/Cons of Extracts?



(also see below ‘How to Take Kratom Extract Properly’)


What Kratom Extracts Do We Carry? 

(And What is Special About Ours?)

 We carry two flavors of extracts: Non-flavored and Coffee flavor!

The Non-flavored is what you would consume after finishing the last step in the extraction process - it has a metallic taste to it if taken on it’s own, so don’t be alarmed!

 The Coffee flavored extract has a slight vanilla aftertaste - although the flavor of coffee comes out more when taken on it’s own 

 Our very own Happy Hippo Employees have tested out the tincture - and we all agreed this extract was great for energy and focus, as it is a tincture of a Maeng Da Strain

 The reason our extract is so special, is because we truly took the time to find the perfect, quality product before deciding to let our customers try it. It has been months and months of trial and error - but we finally think we found the holy grail! 

 Here is an easy link to our awesome final product ----> Kratom Extracts


How to Take Kratom Extract Properly

 Disclaimer #2: The following serving sizes are specifically for Happy Hippo tinctures - we cannot be sure that this serving will work well for other vendors products

 When choosing your serving size - keep in mind that the bottle is equipped with a special dropper

 As long as you are not insanely sensitive to Kratom - you should start with 6 full droppers 

 A more experienced Kratom user may need to use more to feel desired effects...

 However, we always ALWAYS always recommend starting small with everything you try - and slowly working your way up to find your sweet spot 

 You can drop the tincture into any drink or just put it in a few ounces of water (like stated above, this water does not have to be hot!)

 Some good suggestions for mixers could be orange juice, tea, smoothies, lemonade, or literally anything with flavor!

 Tinctures and Coffee

 When mixing your tincture with coffee - be cautious if you are sensitive to stimulants. The effects of the caffeine in the coffee and the concentrated alkaloids may be too much at once time

 (Our tinctures do not have any added caffeine in them)

 Also be careful that when adding your tincture to your coffee - that the coffee is not too hot, depleting the alkaloids altogether 


If you have any more questions about the Tinctures - feel free to message our Hippo Helpers at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.