How to Send a Mobile Check to Happy Hippo (15% OFF!)
(For Hippo Packages Greater than $150)

We absolutely hate putting customers through hoops, or anything we'd consider as a hassle if we were in your shoes. 

A high percentage of Happy Hippo's best customers and friends prefer Mobile Check over our traditional Credit Card solutions.
(prefer Credit Card? We can still accommodate you. Email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we'll walk you through it. *hugs*)

Anyways, if you value a discount above all you certainly will feel rewarded after trying Mobile Check just one time. 

Mobile Check is RELIABLE and will allow you to purchase more Kratom Tea, Kava, and Kanna over time.

Great News - 

This option is actually VERY EASY.

Mobile Check is a neat, safe little method that has helped keep Puddles' Sailboat afloat over the last five years. 

We recognize the names and histories of just about all clients who use this as their #1 Payment Method.

'Mobile Check' takes about 3 minutes and 14 seconds to complete. 

You'll memorize the steps after your first-try, and you'll get faster each time.

It is 100% safe. Mobile checks are deposited via a USA (Domestic) Bank that is located half-a-mile from Hippo Headquarters. 

We will show you all of the steps (and errors to avoid) so that each deposit is successful, with no hassle!

Hippo Packages will SHIP-OUT via UPS or FedEx the SAME-DAY as long as your Mobile Check is received prior to 4PM EST (Weekdays).

Get Started: Any Human or Hippo with a Smartphone can use Mobile Check!

Here's what to do -

We will send you a text to confirm your successful deposit (if you send a mobile check after 5PM EST, we'll text you back the following morning).

Here is an example of a GOOD Mobile Check (frontside) - 
(Please write as neatly as possible!)


Good Mobile Check Frontside

Here is an example of a GOOD Mobile Check (backside) - 


Good Mobile Check Backside

It's OKAY if your check images are sideways. 

The most important thing is that you send CLEAR, straight images of your check that show all 4 corners (with space surrounding).


Hundreds of Happy Hippo Customers Use our Mobile Check Payment Line
(and have a direct line to us)


Happy Hippo Mobile Check Line

That's it!

Hover over your check and snap those pics like you are a professional photographer. 

1st Person Mobile Check Reality


We are going to show you some BAD/FUNNY examples so you can avoid the most common Mobile Check mistakes - 




The most common issue is sending an image that is too far zoomed in (that doesn't show all 4 corners and has no surrounding space).

Don't zoom in too close.

We need to see the entire check (with space around it)! 

Bad Mobile Check Too Close

Another rookie mistake can be to send a BLURRY image (please make sure your pictures are clear).

Bad Mobile Check Blurry

A crooked check is NOT GOOD - 

Bad Mobile Check Crooked

Do not hold your check, please place it on a table (dark surface is suggested) -

Bad Mobile Check Hand held not flat surface

Do not have a banana or other objects in your pictures -

Bad Mobile Check Objects in way

Lastly, please don't send a wrinkled check image, the bank can't process it -

Bad Mobile Check Wrinkled

Thank you for the Hippo Order!

Providing payment should be easy, safe, and reliable.

Mobile Check is all of the above.

The Discount is superb and the direct communication to Puddles via text can be helpful when sending payment. 

We look forward to providing you the utmost excellent service, throughout all aspects of the Hippo Experience. 

~ Happy Hippo Helper & Mobile Puddles Hippo