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If you've arrived from Google (and not from our Super Happy Hippo Newsletter - Secret Sales, Special Offers, etc.) You may be surprised at what we say about Red Thai Kratom.

"Invincible Hippo (Dark/Ruby Red Vein Thai" is comparable to an old strain we used to carry from a different farm, "Dynamite Hippo" (Light Red Vein Thai)

Both are very similar  

At best - Unstoppable Juggernaut-like Focus and Energy, with a touch of traditional Red or 'Happy' undertones.

At worst - An energetic Leaf that makes your day a bit more Happy and productive.

The new "Invincible Hippo" is FAST (with unique Slow-like Potential, allowing one to be Creatively Energized). 

For some reason, outside of Happy Hippo, Red Kratom Powder (even Red Thai Kratom) is often considered *SLOW* (best for relaxation and peaceful thoughts).

It's not. 

Legitimate 'Red Vein Thai Kratom' is FAST.
(we haven't found a Thai Leaf that is not FAST)

And after a month of in-house testing on our Invincible Hippo Leaf it will be easy to understand why we say —

Invincible Hippo
-Ruby Red Thai Kratom Powder-

(With some Slow Effects...)

It's not that complicated!

If you have been brainwashed by other companies that offer Kratom Online...

Forget about their marketing. 

While there is certainly 'cross-over' between Kratom Strain Effects, certain varieties (e.g. Thai) are distinctly Fast and certain varieties (e.g. Horned) are distinctly Slow.  

Learn What 'Kratom Effects' to Expect -

Our Happy Hippo staff considers Invincible Hippo to be the 'Slowest of the Fast' Leafs.

Let's talk about how the Happy Hippo Team came to this conclusion!  

Red Vein Thai Kratom Powder is Invincible Hippo!Invincible Hippo's Ruby Red Vein Powder is a clue to its ability to provide Slow-Effects as a Fast Thai Kratom Strain!

Red Thai Kratom Powder Effects?

(Light Red Vein VS. Dark Ruby Red Vein Thai) 

Lightness vs. Darkness...

Which is better for You?

While both Hippo Employees and customers enjoyed Dynamite Hippo while it lasted - we can all agree Invincible Hippo shines the brightest here 

Since we're just talking about the depth of Color between two varying sources of Red Thai Kratom Powder —

They are seemingly the same type of Kratom - with very mild differences 

Do you prefer Slow and Moderate Kratom Leafs?

Step out of your comfort zone and try the 'Slowest-Fast Leaf' among available Fast Hippo Leafs, "Invincible Hippo (Dark Ruby Thai)".

Invincible Hippo will have the lowest risk of 'over-stimulating' you and causing Jitterbugs, with no chance of sedative effects. 

Jitterbugs: The uneasy, fuzzy or bouncy state-of-mind that Fast Strains (or low quality Thai Strains) can cause by taking *too much*.

Invincible Hippo (Dark Rubi Thai)
Darkest, Fast Red Kratom Powder
Red Vein Thai Overhead Kratom Powder

Order Invincible Hippo Because It Will Work

(Even if You Haven't Done Well With Fast Strains)

Invincible Hippo is the "Slower-Fast Leaf".

It is closer to Ghost Hippo than Thunder Hippo (fastest).

Although this might come as a surprise - 

Fast Strains are considerably more popular than Slow Strains. 

People just love Fast Strains.

Yet, there's a sizable group of customers (20-25%) that just don't benefit from Fast Kratom Effects -

  1. Fast Kratom just doesn't do much for them
  2. Fast Kratom gives them the Jitterbugs (overstimulated - yuck!) 

While both characteristics (doesn't work, Jitterbugs) are almost always a product of an inferior, immature, low-quality Kratom Leaf (you won't find those at Happy Hippo), both unfortunately can be reality for a minority of customers who just don't do as well with Fast Strains. 

At the same time, it's a shame if you can never experience the noticeable clean energy and pure optimism of a good Fast Leaf. 

Unscientifically speaking -

Invincible Hippo (Dark Ruby Red Vein Thai) is like: 80% Fast Alkaloids meets 20% Slow Alkaloids. 

It's not a traditional Fast Thai Leaf. 

It's Fast.

Just not that Fast.

There is a subtle Calmness among the more noticeable Energy.

Even if you haven't loved Fast Strains of Kratom in the past - reserve judgement for Invincible Hippo.

It's different.

And it should be better for those who steer away from traditional Fast Leaf. 

Although we largely discourage Newbies from "mixing" Strains (spend your first month trying each Leaf individually), many veteran Kratom users have tremendous success with Fast Red:Slow Red combinations.

Erin will most likely LOVE Invincible Hippo - it should offer a similar experience to the "Red Hot:Fire" Combo she created on her own:

Happy Hippo Kratom Review by Erin






Buy Thai Kratom That Covers Both of these Bases ("A" and "B")

Happy Hippo now offers x2 Red Thai Kratom Powders.

In case you are wondering, Yes:

It is entirely possible to offer 2 of the same type of Kratom Products (Red Thai Strains) and both be considerably unique from one another.

There are a couple of key factors that you'll want to be the exact same between each Strain.

Purchase Kratom Powder If Both "A" and "B" Are Covered: 

  1. Person-Tested (In-house: Potent + Consistent)
  2. Lab-Tested (In-lab: Sterilized + Tested for Pathogens)

We do not release a Hippo Strain unless we test it in-house (only strains that have universal approval from our staff ever make it to market) and test it in-lab (every batch is sterilized at 170 degrees and tested for Salmonella). 

Kratom Strains have to pass our personal "taste tests" (reviews) at Hippo Headquarters and we're not easy to impress!
(Performing the Lab Testing is the EASY PART!)

After several years and 100's of 'taste-testing' samples from Farmers across the Globe (Southeast Asia) - 

We are lucky to offer the largest, refined selection of High-Quality Plain-Leaf Kratom for sale.

(Atomic Hippo - Green Vein Thai, also meets the "A" and "B" conditions)

Dark Kratom Red Thai Powder made the cut! Green Vein Thai is also available at Happy Hippo.

Ruby Red Thai Kratom's Best Effect?

Creative Energy.


Too Much Energy can turn off your ability to be Creative.

This is one drawback to traditional Fast Leafs such as traditional Thai or Maeng Da Kratom.

Invincible Hippo offers a less powerful boost to "Energy" —

This allows room for a special, subtly increased Sense of Well-Being.

Invincible Hippo offers a 'Happy Balance' between Energy and Sense of Well-Being.  
(But is still mostly a Fast Kratom Strain)

Kratom Red Thai promotes productivity in the realm of Creativity. Fast Kratom Strains normally turn off the Creative Motor!

Closing Thoughts

Online Kratom Vendors say Red Kratom Strains offer the same Effects:

While Ruby (Dark Red) Thai has the potential to subtly offer these benefits, Invincible Hippo is far from being a traditional Slow Red Strain such as:

At the same time, Invincible Hippo is different from a traditional Fast Red Strain such as:

To make the most educated Kratom Strain choices - forget the marketing.

Go by experience.

The Happy Hippo staff has over 20 years of combined experience and we use our own Kratom every single day.

We know what they do for us.

We know what they will do for you.

Extensive in-house Hippo 'Taste-testing' yields the Highest Quality Kratom Products.

We try to represent each Kratom Leaf from REAL, thought-out, intimate personal experiences.

Invincible Hippo could best be described as 80% Fast meets 20% Slow.

Stimulation is still the most defined aspect of the Dark Ruby Thai Kratom Experience.

But this Fast Dark Red Kratom exhibits Slow Red alkaloid-potential, allowing room for something special. 

80% FAST, 20% SLOW! — Invincible  Hippo  — 'Combo-Like' Predominantly Fast Leaf, w/ a touch of Creativity! 

Your Friend,

Puddles 'The Invincible Creative Energy Painter' Hippo