Saying Goodbye to the Year 2020 - Hello 2021!

Happy Hippo’s Recap + Exciting Announcements!


As most can probably agree - 2020 was one of the longest, life-changing years yet. 

While the pandemic hit many small businesses - Happy Hippo found ways to push through the chaos, making the necessary changes needed to operate and keep our customers as happy as possible.

Below is a recap of how we’ve spent our past year; including our Top 10 products sold this year, what milestones we’ve achieved, and what changes you can expect to see in 2021! 


Top 10 Kratom Strains Sold This Year

#10 Supreme Dark Horn (Slow-Mo Hippo)

Dark Horned Kratom is highly underrated, and we suggest our customers try this unique leaf at least once. Finding this leaf anywhere else is near impossible, last time we checked we were the only vendor to carry this unique mix of White Horned Kratom + Red Horned Kratom

#9 Gold Maeng Da (Sunshine Hippo)

Named Sunshine for a reason, this is hands down the best strain for a Happy Morning! It is truly surprising this strain didn’t rank higher up in the Top 10 

#8 Red Maeng Da (Red Hot Hippo)

Red Maeng Da is a very well known strain in the Kratom world, promoting focus and energy with a relaxing sensation as well

#7 Super Green Indo/Borneo (Happy Hippo l)

Giving customers the “best of both worlds” between a Fast and a Slow strain - Happy Hippo l is the original strain that built this company.

#6 White Thai (Lightning Hippo)

A great pick-me-up strain, Lightning Hippo packs a hefty punch

#5 Red Bali (Red Dragon Bali Hippo)

Placing lower on the Kratom Effects Chart, Red Bali is one of the best mood-boosting strains that also promotes awesome relaxation 

#4 Diamond Malay (Thunder Hippo)

Customers know Thunder Hippo doesn’t joke around when it comes to boosting energy!

#3 Red Sumatra (Magic Hippo)

Possibly one of our slowest leafs - Red Sumatra is a fan favorite among many Kratom enthusiasts, and our Magic Hippo is of the best quality out there

#2 White Maeng Da (Rockstar Hippo)

Rockstar Hippo is the go-to strain for getting stuff done. If you aren’t taking White Maeng Da Kratom before cleaning the entire house, are you even doing a good job?

#1 Green Maeng Da (Hyper Hippo)

Taking the trophy for our MOST purchased strain - Hyper Hippo! This is no surprise, Green Maeng Da is one of the most searched strains of Kratom on the web. Hyper Hippo still stands at our number one strain, making up 7.73% of our total sales this year. 


Changes We’ve Made From January - December 

COVID Procedures

We made sure employees were immediately set up to social distance during shifts and quarantine when necessary while some employees transitioned to working remotely. Also, extra extra sanitization and cleaning practices!

Said Goodbye to Some Beloved Strains

To keep up with Production, when we introduce a new strain to the family we are forced to ‘put some strains to sleep’ temporarily. Additionally, COVID has also made a huge impact on the availability of certain strains, so we’ve had to discontinue some entirely. These include:

  • Red Vein Thai, Dynamite Hippo (Replaced with Invincible Hippo)
  • Roadrunner Hippo (Discontinued)
  • Mellow Yellow Hippo (Put to sleep)
  • Sleepy Hippo (Put to sleep)
  • Roaring White Hippo (Discontinued)
  • Cozy Chocolate Hippo (Discontinued, substitute with Milk Chocolate Hippo)

“Super Small” Hippo Family to Just “Regular Small” Hippo Family

Happy Hippo started the year with 15 employees and almost doubled that number now sitting at 29 employees!

More Shipping Options

At the beginning of the year - we only had USPS shipping. We have now incorporated UPS, and FedEx 

We also gave customers FREE shipping with order totals over $100+, and customers were thrilled about this change 

New Products

Not only did we bring in new strains frequently, but we also introduced new products, such as Kratom Extracts and Fijian Kava

Wholesale Ordering

We now offer Wholesale pricing for those who wish to order 5+ Kilos or more, just follow this link for a form ----> Buy Kratom Bulk


Things to Expect in 2021 

 A lot of our precious time this year has been spent planning for the future of our company.

We have SO MANY great things coming for Happy Hippo and specifically, our customers!

Here are a few things we would like to announce that those can expect to see coming in 2021…

New Products

  • Kratom Capsules: We officially have our new capsule machine in the shop! However, we are waiting for a special part of the machine to be installed before we can start producing. Once we do, we will have around 18 different strains to choose from, in capsule form!
  • New Strains: Some current strains we are thinking about adding to the Hippo Family would include Red Kali and Red Sulawesi. We will also be adding new Extract Flavors - and bigger bottles! 
  • Kratom Energy Shots: These energy shots will be jam packed with alertness, and a yummy flavor! We have 4 flavors to choose from when they finally arrive, so keep your eyes out… 
  • Tear-away packs: Think of those fancy packets of tea or water flavoring you buy at the store - except KRATOM! Perfect for on-the-go, ditch the big bag of Kratom for these small packs instead
  • Coffee: We have been researching and testing coffee products for months, trying to find a quality roast for our customers… and we think we have found the perfect blends!
  • Hippo Merchandise: Recently, we posted our Hippo socks and Hippo shirts! We have also been experimenting with mugs, hats, and even keychains! We hope to have many more things to choose from soon
  • Much, much more! The products above have been in the works for months - once they are launched we will begin brainstorming MORE products to come later in the year 2021

New Website

Our new website will not only be a cleaner layout, but it will also include an easier checkout process, more product knowledge available for our customers, and an active rewards system for frequent customers to gain points and get discounts.

Kratom Strain Nostalgia

Bringing back favorite strains that were ‘put to sleep’ in 2020. This may include Mellow Yellow, Sleepy Hippo, and Snuggie Hippo... 

In conclusion, we cannot wait to say goodbye to 2020. It was a very great year for improvement, but we’re excited to see better things coming next year…

We want to thank all of our amazing customers for sticking by us in hard times - you’re all truly a part of our Hippo Family! 

We wish the absolute best for everyone in 2021. Cheers!

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