Hi Hippo Friend! 


You are not likely to be around a campfire at this moment.

But if you can close your eyes and pretend, perhaps you taste the s'mores and hear the crackle of burning wood and faint whispers of a... 

... Happy undefinable, and fleeting...
~Friendly Ghost Hippo!~

What is Ghost Hippo and Why Do People Think It's Special?

"Ghost Hippo" (Borneo Super White) is a friendly-spirit and a favorite among long-time Happy Hippo customers.

Aside from Ghost Hippo being simply a great strain, Ghost Hippo serves a specific purpose that makes it unique (and super useful to a select group).

About 30% of customers simply do not do well or respond at all to the "Fast" Maeng Da or Thai strains but still want a Leaf that makes them super productive and enthusiastic.

That is where Ghost Hippo comes in.

Ghost Hippo is a Moderate strain that leans slightly Fast.

The balanced alkaloids are often a perfect "Moderate-Fast-BUT-NOT-TOO-FAST" strain for those who get the Jitterbugs from true Fast leaf.

If this sounds like you - you may just love Ghost Hippo

Ghost Hippo Borneo Super White Logo

Ghost Hippo is ideal for those who want to be productive/enthusiastic but don't do well on the Fast strains.

Ghost Hippo is one of those Strains that makes you enthusiastically clean your room, gather sticks for the fire or do things you otherwise may find to be a hassle - without concern of getting those jitterbugs in the Mind or Body! 
(You may know what We mean!) 

Ghost is - Energy without going overboard.

This is what makes Ghost Hippo especially appealing.

Consequently, Ghost is often a staple in many long-time customer's Kratom Lifestyle Rotation.

If Ghost is out-of-stock for any amount of time, we receive requests via Hippo Letters (also known as E-Mails): 

Jen Loves GhostHippo

Puddles' Hippo Pro-Tip

If you can handle the Fast Strains with ease and are looking for a calculated "boost" — we would recommend a small or medium-sized cup of Caffeinated Coffee to go hand-in-hand with your serving of Ghost Hippo.

Don't forget that Ghost Hippo falls into the "best of both worlds" category, or the Moderate Strain Category. As long as you do not over-stimulate the aroma with too-much Caffeine, the subtle increased sense of well-being that naturally comes from Ghost Hippo will continue to balance and mediate your overall measure of energy.

How Ghost Hippo compares to other Happy Hippo Leaf

Happy Hippo Speed Chart

While results will vary, Ghost Hippo is sometimes the "Not Too Fast" strain, for those who don't actually like Fast strains.


You may remember an old-school, legacy Strain by the simple brand name of "White Hippo".
(We were forced to take it off the proverbial Hippo Shelf due to Puddles' sailboat carrying White Hippo sinking OR THE SUPPLIER BASICALLY DISAPPEARING INTO THIN AIR)

Thanks to its disappearance -Ghost Hippo (Borneo Super White) came into prominence early-Summer of 2018.

We have far more positive feedback on Ghost Hippo than we ever had for the defunct "White Hippo".

Out with the Old Batch : In with the New Batch (Same Supplier)

Time surely does fly, but feedback remains consistent throughout:

Andrew Loves GhostHippo

Andrew must still recommend Ghost Hippo, as it comprised part of his most recent (rather sizable) Hippo Package this past March.


Closing Thoughts

It is getting late and the camp-fire is dwindling. 

We recommend all of our Hippo Strains. We honestly believe each of them are at least Above-Average.

Based on internal Hippo statistics, however, Ghost Hippo, is a Strain we know many newer customers have not tried.
(most customers looking for productivity + enthusiasm will usually try the traditional Maeng Da's and Thai's first) 

If you are dipping your toe into the "best of both worlds" Moderate Strain Category, Ghost Hippo is for you.

Especially if you'd like to lean towards the benefits of Fast Strains, but you get those dang Jitterbugs!

Best wishes and Happy thoughts to you and your's.


Puddles 'The Friendly Ghost' Hippo


    Does this Camp-fire Story match your personal experience with Ghost Hippo? Is it one of your top-5?

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