Beep Beep Friends! 

Puddles Hippo leaves the nest at least once a week.

If you have a tough time leaving your house or Comfort Zone, Kratom can help ease those Nerves. 

The staff at Happy Hippo likes to reserve Roadrunner Hippo for our most socially-demanding events or days.

Roadrunner Hippo can be a serving of Charisma for you too, and it won't require a spoonful of sugar.
(Customer Feedback: Recent Roadrunner Batches have a Sweet or Enjoyable Flavor, For Kratom)

Though all Kratom Strains can help to breakdown barriers within the mind, Indo Super White truly stands out and we'd like to tell you why. 


Roadrunner Hippo

Little Known Hippo Tradition: Each tea we have together at the Hippo Office carries the traditional sound of clashing teacups followed by a resounding "Cheers".
Unknown Hippo Tradition: When partaking in a Roadrunner Hippo Tea with Friends and Family, the iconic sound of "Beep Beep" or "Meep Meep" fills the air.

How Puddles Discovered Roadrunner Hippo

There's a little story behind Roadrunner Hippo.

Roadrunner Hippo first appeared on our shelf March 31 2019.

Every month, Puddles Hippo receives COUNTLESS samples of tea powder from farmers who want to begin a relationship with Happy Hippo.

The majority of samples never make our catalog and are left in the staff drawer. 

Of the 19 different samples we received in March 2019, there was ONE LEAF (and one Leaf only) that our entire staff vouched for. 

That Leaf became - Roadrunner Hippo.

Kratom Powder Does Not Taste Very Good, Normally
(Kratom Effects are worth the "bite")

One roadblock to the Kratom Lifestyle can be its bitterness. 
(In short, the plant's flavor is like dirt. Surprise!)

Some batches can taste more earthy and grainy than others.

These batches tend to be dried too-long and are grown during months of the year in which rainfall is less prevalent.

Likewise, you can come across a batch that is cultivated and dried just-right.

Sid B., resident Kratom Enthusiast, believes Roadrunner Hippo embodies this rare fortune and therefore is his #1 New Hippo Kratom Strain for 2019:

Sid RH Review

While you certainly cannot depend entirely on the flavor of a Leaf, palatability (The Flavor) can be an indicator of the overall Quality of the Product.

As shown by cheap Kratom Products found at Gas Stations or "Big Box" Kratom Vendors, Low Quality Kratom tends to taste the worst.
Unfortunate Kratom Fact: Gas Station Leaf generally carries a premium price-tag, though it is almost always Low Quality Leaf. Gritty and awful flavor.

As Sid denoted, those inexperienced with Kratom (defined as, Newbies) may find some solace with our Indo Super White if taste has been a deterrent from experiencing Kratom. As a caveat, occasionally the worst tasting batches will produce the very best experiences of your Kratom Lifestyle.

Puddles' Truth: Don't judge a Kratom Leaf by its Flavor, but if it's Sweet (or simply isn't totally like dirt) it is probably High Quality Leaf!

"Real-Life" Roadrunner Birds Don't Need Water, But You Do 

Real-Life Roadrunner Birds are adapted to their arid environment.

There are lots of reasons why Humans do not naturally live and flourish in the Desert.

Humans are adapted for the perpetual in-take of clean drinking Water. 

Drinking an abundance of Water is a key element for maximizing your Kratom Lifestyle.

Kratom plants need Water to thrive, and so do You. 

We honestly cannot stress this enough. 

      — Drink H2O! —

If your body is even remotely dehydrated, you can expect your Kratom Experience to be lackluster or even uncomfortable. 

While properly hydrated, you will allow your organs to most optimally breakdown and utilize each alkaloid. 

Good Rule of ThumbDrink 2 or 3 Glasses of Water for every 1 Glass of Kratom Tea. 

What You Can Expect from Roadrunner Hippo (White Super Indo Kratom)

Social Acuity. Emotional Energy. Warm, Active Senses.  

We call this Charisma

Roadrunner Hippo is not as Fast as you may expect, given the brand-name.
(Beep Beep!)

Roadrunner is definitely a Moderate-Quick Leaf for most.

Fast Kratom normally embodies a boost to Motivation or Energy, but they can overdo it in the Energy Department.

Roadrunner Hippo can certainly help with typical necessities such as Cleaning Your Room or Doing The Dishes.

But, Indo Super White shines the most through Human to Human interaction. 

Puddles Pro-Tip: You do not need to go a "Big Party" to measure your ability to be Charismatic.
Puddles w/ his Philosopher Hat: Everyday interaction with the local Store Clerk or Barista can be the most grandiose and truthful of mirrors.

Scott E., lover of Fast Kratom Leaves, also found a unique Happy (but not Slow) resonation with Roadrunner Hippo:


Closing Thoughts 

The most Charismatic moments of life are often the most memorable. 

It is safe to say that Roadrunner Hippo is a standard part of Puddles' Weekly Rotation.

Though, it is a wildcard since Social Events can be tough to predict. Don't stress having a flawless schedule from one Kratom Strain to the next. As long as you are rotating multiple Hippo Strains (preferably 5 or more) each week, you're setting yourself up for longterm success with Kratom. 

No matter how well the Kratom Powder mixes, how great it tastes, or what it looks like − Keep an open mind and drink plenty of water! ;) 

It just so-happens that Roadrunner Hippo tastes more sweet than it does bitter. 

If it didn't, Super White Indo would still be one of the very best Hippo Strains of All-time. 

Your Friend,

Charismatic "Meep Meep" Puddles Hippo


Real-Life Roadrunner Birds aren't that fast. Based on the article we linked by "Earth Matters", top speed is 20 Miles Per Hour.
The only question we are left wondering is, How Fast Are Hippos? If you've raced one before, please let us know in the Comment Section below. Fictitious stories are welcome.
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