• Super White Indo Kratom Powder (Roadrunner Hippo)

Roadrunner Hippo (Indo Super White)

Front-runner for #1 New Leaf of 2019

Moderate, Clear-Headed Enthusiasm and Energy.

Projected Speed: Balanced (Moderate but Leans Fast)

If you remember our "White Hippo" from a few years back, you might be familiar with the potent strain that is Indo Super White.

"White Hippo" (Indo Super White) was always a solid strain and "Roadrunner Hippo" can be considered it's cousin. Same strain, but new supplier.

Perfect for busting mental blocks or refocusing on your work without the risk of feeling "overstimulated" that can happen with faster strains. It's ideal for finishing up an essay or wrapping up your taxes (gasp!).

Just make sure you watch out for those falling anvils ;)

We expect "Roadrunner Hippo" to compete with "Dynamite Hippo" for 2019's Best New Strain. You'll see why!

Puddles' Deep Thoughts on his Roadrunner Hippo -


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Super White Indo Kratom Powder (Roadrunner Hippo)

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