Happy Hippo and COVID-19

Statement on Idaho's 3 Week Business Closure for COVID-19
(March 26 2020 – ‘Businesses that ship foods/goods’ are exempt)

A week ago, we informed customers that we have absolutely no intention of closing our doors during unless mandated to do so.

That decision will hopefully remain in place. 

Yesterday, despite Idaho having well-below the median amount cases of COVID-19 nationally, with no warning, our state announced a 21 Day 'Stay at Home Order' for 'non-essential' businesses - effective immediately.

Under Idaho's 'Stay at Home Order', however, "businesses that ship or delivery groceries, food, goods or services items directly to residents", are exempt from closure. 

That is exactly what we do. 

Idaho's 'Stay at Home Order', as outlined, should not affect us. 

At the same time, this order came as a huge surprise to our entire state and some provisions remain somewhat vague.

There is a chance that we will be mandated to close.  

We wanted to give you a heads up as many rely on Happy Hippo products for their daily well-being. 

We do not believe that is time for everyone to fully "stock up", but there is considerable uncertainty on how this will actually end up affecting us. 

At worst, according to the order, closure would be for 21 days (20 days, as of today). This order can be rescinded or renewed at any time. 

Please keep that in mind. 

If you are very concerned, it would be a good idea to place a small order that will last you 3 weeks.

Don't spend money that you don't have.

There is no need to go overboard.

This 21 Day 'Stay At Home Order' is not likely to be renewed.

It isn't very popular around these parts. 

What is Happy Hippo Doing to Ensure Safety of Our Customers?

Thankfully, we've never had to do a recall nor had issues with Salmonella or other pathogens.

Most importantly -

We DO NOT buy cheap Leaf. 

Happy Hippo Leaf is pre-tested by an independent lab in Michigan for pathogens and sterilized at 170 degrees before it even enters our facility. 

In addition to already being certified by the American Kr8tom Association for Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), we have taken additional measures to sterilize our facility. This includes: disinfecting surfaces, machinery, door handles and anti-bacterial hand-washing on near hourly basis. Per normal, our employees wear full medical suits, gloves, hairnets and face masks. We are a fairly small company, so general 'social distancing' hasn't been problem.

We will hopefully continue to provide updates as this situation become more clear.

We believe we are exempt from closure under the current Order. 

Stay Happy, Stay Healthy. 
You Stay Home, We'll Be Here. 
~ Chris & Puddles & All Your Friends at Happy Hippo