Frequently Asked Questions

q: What is "Fast, Slow, Moderate"?
(Understanding Happy Hippo's Speed Categories)

Hi Hippo Friend!

If you are reading this - chances are - you are new here.

We categorize our leaf products based on "speed".

In general - 

"Fast" leaf is energetic, vibrant, may increase productivity and social motivation.

"Slow" leaf supports peace of mind, well-being, restful sleep and is good for relieving general discomfort.

"Moderate" leaf is somewhere in between "Fast" and "Slow".

These "Speeds" are simply a best guess of how the leaf will work and to give you a frame of reference. 

Experiences will vary and are serving dependant.
(you will get a "Faster" result from a smaller serving and a "Slower" result from a larger serving)

Check out this groovy infographic to see how our leaves compare: