• Green Vein Thai Kratom (Atomic Green Hippo)


Green Vein Thai Kratom

Atomic Green Hippo (Amplified Ability & Strength)

Green Vein Thai Kratom Effects

Reference the Kratom Effects Chart to compare Green Thai!

  1. Speed: FAST (Amplified Ability, & Passion)

  2. Origin: THAI

  3. Vein Color: GREEN

Happy Hippo Storytime – Green Vein Thai Kratom Review

Green Vein Thai Kratom isn’t normally a Strain we’d recommend, or have on our Hippo Shelf.

Thai Kratom’s alkaloid profile tends to be “trickier” than other Strains such as Maeng Da.

Traditionally, Thai is hit-or-miss. If its a “miss”, you’ll know (Twitchy, Unfocused, Dirty Energy).

Hippo Thai Leafs are winners!

We’re fortunate to offer three seperate Thai Kratom Strains, if you try all three you’re likely to add at least one to your standard rotation or possibly even sub-out one of the more popular Maeng Da Strains for one of our Thai Leafs.

We like to call Atomic Green Hippo a “Role-Player” Leaf because its not as popular as some choices, but it truly does have Super-Star potential! If you love Atomic Green Hippo, the most similar but different Leaf would have to be Dynamite Hippo (Red Vein Thai Kratom).

Excerpt directly from Puddles’ Green Thai Kratom Review

If you like Fast Strains, but often lean on Maeng Da varieties - Atomic Green Hippo can mimic the Maeng Da experience (while offering a break from usual Maeng Da Alkaloids). 

If that seems complicated – Atomic Green Hippo can give you a fresh Fast Leaf experience if you have a Kratom Tolerance to Maeng Da Strains.

Green Vein Thai Kratom GMP

“Go Big Green, Clean Energy.”

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Green Vein Thai Kratom (Atomic Green Hippo)

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