Pink Scoop! (Half-Teaspoon or 1 gram)

Each Kratom Experience should be consistently “High-Quality”.

To enjoy consistent results, you must know what serving works the best for you!
(and it be easily repeatable)

How Many Grams of Kratom In A ½ Teaspoon Scoop?

Half Teaspoon (2.5cc) = 1.0 Gram Kratom Powder

If you are a Newbie and need to adjust your serving-size by smaller increments than a ½ Teaspoon Scoop, we suggest to purchase our Hippo Scale for more precise doses. 

* The Hippo Scale shown in the image above is meant to indicate the precision of the scoop.
**Hippo Scale must be purchased seperately.  

Newbie Kratom Sample Packs Already Arrive With Half-Teaspoon!

Each Hippo Newbie Pack will arrive with a Pink Scoop:


  • Half Teaspoon (Pink Scoop) = 1.0 Gram Kratom

  • Kratom Dosage Guide: Learn How to Take Kratom Wisely smileyyes

Pink Half-Teaspoon (2.5cc) -- 1 Gram Kratom Scoop

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