Happy Hippo Fun Socks!

Lightweight Knee-High Socks
(These turned out great!)


Happy Hippo Socks – Details:

Our Happy Hippo socks are made 100% of Nylon Stretch Yarn that provides an extremely lightweight, moisture-resistant, and cushioning feel. 

The supportive, arch and ankle compression fit creates maximum stability and confidence!

These socks are ergonomically designed to cushion the heel and toe, which helps protect your feet! 

PLEASE NOTE: These custom socks are freshly made and will appear slightly large. Washing/drying the sock will shrink the yarn to the proper size. 


  • Extra Small/ Kids
    • Men’s 1-3
    • Women’s 1-4
  • Small
    • Men’s 3-5
    • Women’s 4-6
  • Medium 
    • Men’s 6-8
    • Women’s 7-9
  • Large 
    • Men’s 9-12
    • Women’s 10-13
  • Extra Large 
    • Men’s 13+
    • Women’s 14


Puddles and the team have been working tirelessly creating special Happy Hippo Merchandise.

You can expect some rad Hippo swag coming your way in the near future! 

Terms of Use

We DO NOT sell any of our products with any medical claims.
** This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or condition.
Our products are not intended for use by pregnant or nursing women or if you have a medical condition.
DO NOT combine with alcohol or ANY prescription medications.
Not for sale to persons under 21.    
Our product is a 100% unadulterated botanical specimen harvested without pesticides

Happy Hippo Knee-High Socks (Merchandise)

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