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Size - 1oz (20-40 servings)

This is very bold Kanna. (Kanna Effects are potent)

**"Smoker's cut" only refers to usually 'shredded' nature of the powder. It is not to be smoked.

Happy Hippo's "Rough Cut", Fermented Super Kanna

The "Rough Cut" is the only Kanna worth trying.

Our Kanna is sourced from from a sustainable farm in South Africa, it is fermented, and rough cut (we've found this to be MUCH stronger than the generic raw powder).


Kanna (Sceltium Tortuosum, active as: Mesembrine) is a unique herb that is traditionally thought to promote optimism and outlook.

Happy Hippo's "Rough Cut Kanna" is a rare, exotic botanical sourced near Cape Town South Africa.

"Rough Cut" Kanna is significantly stronger than normal Kanna powder. 

The serving size is much less.

Included with your Kanna leaf is our "Pink Scoop" which provides a ~250mg serving. 
Beginners should start with ~250-500mg, or 1 to 2 non-heaping scoops. 

Kanna Benefits

- Kanna (Rough Cut) may temporarily enhance mood and sense-of-well-being

- Kanna (Rough Cut) may temporarily increase clarity and enthusiasm 

- Kanna (Rough Cut) may temporarily increase Happiness in the universe


Kanna Botanical Facts

Serving Size: 1-2 Pink Scoops (250-500mg)

Servings Per Container: 50-100

Amount Per Serving: Kanna (Rough Cut) 250-500mg 

Suggested Kanna Dosage:

Newbies should start at 1 or 2 Pink Scoops (or apx. 250-500mg) to evaluate effects.


(Do Not Combine with Prescription Medications - Especially SSRI Antidepressants) 

Kanna, Sceltium Tortuosum, is thought to have SSRI effects. 


Start with a lower dosage to assess tolerance and response. 

As with any compound, consult your physician BEFORE use.

* Terms of Use

We DO NOT sell any of our products with any medical claims.
** This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or condition.
Our products are not intended for use by pregnant or nursing women or if you have a medical condition.
DO NOT combine with alcohol or ANY prescription medications.
Not for sale to persons under 21.    
Our product is a 100% unadulterated botanical specimen harvested without pesticides

Kanna (Smoker's Cut, Fermented)

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