Kratom Strains Chart

(What Does “SPEED” Mean? See Hippo’s Kratom Strains Chart!)

Hi Friend! – The Happy Hippo Kratom Strains “SPEED” Chart will help you make all of your Leaf buying decisions!

  • "Fast" leaf is energetic, vibrant, may increase productivity, social motivation, mobility, & keen awareness of environment
  • "Slow" leaf supports peace of mind, well-being, restful sleep, relieving general discomfort, & calm sense of self
  • "Moderate" leaf is somewhere in between "Fast" and "Slow", with low risk of jitterbugs (too much energy) or drowsiness (too sleepy)

These "Speeds" are simply a best guess of how each Kratom Strain will work and to give you a frame of reference to one another.

Kratom Strain Chart will change through-out time, but for the most part we keep our special Products as consistent and available as Hippo-ly possible!

Experiences will vary and are dosage dependant. winkyes

Check out this groovy infographic to see how each Kratom Strain compares: 


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