Make or take your Kratom in 7 seconds.  

No more dumping powder all over the place while you are on-the-go.

Kratom Extract – Green Maeng Da Mitragynine Alkaloid

Instant Liquid Kratom Extract (Sharp Energy & Mental Focus)

Why this is something you will want to buy:

  • Happy Hippo’s Liquid Kratom Extract is the definition of convenient – make or take your Kratom in 7 seconds. 

  • The equipped dropper allows you to accurately find a preferred serving size and eliminates guesswork with eyeballing liquid amounts.

  • 12ml vial is small and discrete enough to fit right into your pockets to carry around anywhere you may need a quick shot of energy. 

  • The dropper vial combination eliminates any type of clean-up you normally would have with loose kratom powder. 
  • Most importantly this 12mL vial is packed with the equivalence of 9 grams of plain leaf kratom → Enough kratom to get you through a challenging morning or afternoon at work. 


Happy Hippo Instant Liquid Kratom Extract Effects:

1. Speed: Fast (Sharp Energy & Mental Focus)

2. Origin: Maeng Da

3. Vein Color: Green 


Serving Size Breakdown:

3 Droppers = 0.75 grams of Plain Leaf Kratom

6 Droppers = 1.50 grams of Plain Leaf Kratom


Happy Hippo Storytime – Instant Liquid Kratom Extract Review!

What can you expect from Happy Hippo’s Instant Liquid Kratom Extract?

The almost immediate feeling of Heightened and Clean Energy will flood your mental being. Compounded with an invigorated energy supply, an increase in mental focus will make its presence clearly known. 

Happy Hippo’s Instant Liquid Kratom Extract is great for people who love to live an active lifestyle. The easy to carry 12mL bottle allows you to bring this energy boosting liquid anywhere you may need a quick pick-me-up. 

Historically, Kratom Extract has a very metallic taste due to the harvested mitragynine alkaloid. Happy Hippo offers four different flavors of kratom extract: 

1. Non-Flavored 

2. Coffee - Caffeine Free

3. Pina Colada 

4. Razzleberry

At times, finding a sweet spot with a Kratom Extract can be very challenging. Take too little and the effects will be minimal, take too much and let’s just say that overwhelming yucky feeling is very present. For this reason, Happy Hippo has equipped a 1mL dropper to find the sweet spot for each unique kratom consumer. 


Projected Speed: Fast



Happy Hippo is excited to introduce a brand new, long awaited product to our loyal customers. However, a few things you may need to know about this bottle of joy!

Happy Hippo’s Instant Liquid Kratom Extract is equivalent to 9 grams of plain leaf kratom packed into 12mL of suspended Kratom Extract. 

Happy Hippo’s Instant Liquid Kratom Extract is made-up of pure mitragynine alkaloids harvested from the Green Maeng Da kratom leaf.  Kratom Extracts are very potent and easily overused. For this reason, Happy Hippo has equipped each bottle with a dropper to help with proper usage. We have implemented this safety feature to help find that sweet spot that we all know and enjoy with our plain leaf kratom and to help mitigate any yucky feelings you may get when you have taken too much. 

Three of the full 0.34ml droppers is equivalent to 0.75 grams of plain leaf kratom – this way you can easily find a proper serving size that will fit your needs.

Happy Hippo’s Instant Liquid Kratom Extract is a result from an ethyl alcochol-based extraction process.  But, what does this mean? 

Ethyl alcohol-based extraction is the process of using food grade ethanol (the same alcohol that is in wine or beer) to harvest the mitragynine alkaloids out of the kratom leaf. Kratom leaf powder is mixed with ethanol and citric acid, then steeped in water until the ethanol has evaporated. After ethanol evaporation, a semi-solid extract is left out to dry to produce the hardened kratom extract which can be crushed into powder. Once the powder is crushed, the kratom extract is suspended in purified water and vegetable usp kosher glycerol. Additionally, ascorbic acid (vitamin c) and citric acid are added to preserve the kratom extract tincture for future use. Artificial flavoring can be added to the mixture to help out with the overall flavor of the kratom extract tincture, such as our caffeine-free coffee flavored kratom extract. 

Terms of Use

We DO NOT sell any of our products with any medical claims.
** This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or condition.
Our products are not intended for use by pregnant or nursing women or if you have a medical condition.
DO NOT combine with alcohol or ANY prescription medications.
Not for sale to persons under 21.    
Our product is a 100% unadulterated botanical specimen harvested without pesticides. 

Instant Liquid Kratom Extract

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