Micro Cleanliness Testing - Late March 2018

Due to the recent industry concerns about cleanliness, here are our latest results examined at an independent United States laboratory.

These are OUR 3rd PARTY RESULTS, not provided by our suppliers or farmers. 

A few notes -

If you are not familiar with 'micro analytics testing', this may be difficult to interperet. 

Here's the deal:

  • No Salmonella.
  • No E.Coli.
  • No other viruses or bacteria of concern.
  • Yeast/Mold Level - Low-Normal
  • TPC, Coliforms levels: Normal (anything below 107 cfu/g is normal/standard among related botanical products)
  • Everything is just fine 

Below is testing on our 4 most popular strains (Happy Hippo 1, Hyper Hippo, Rockstar Hippo and Magic Hippo).

Also, there is testing below on 'Fun Hippo', which is a combination of ALL of our Hippo products.