• Green Maeng Da Elite Kratom (Hyper Hippo)

Green Maeng Da Kratom Powder

Hyper Hippo (Hippo Powerhouse) ~ *MOST POPULAR LEAF*

Green Maeng Da Kratom Effects

Reference the Happy Hippo Kratom Effects Chart to compare Green Maeng Da!

  1. Speed: FAST (Physical Energy, Pro-Social, Mental Motivator)

  2. Origin: MAENG DA

  3. Vein Color: GREEN

Happy Hippo Storytime – Green Maeng Da Kratom Review

#1 Sellers rarely need introduction, but the Kratom Community is in a state of growth!
Plants are always growing & the latest batch of each Kratom Strain carries the expecation of being the next-best. enlightened Hyper Hippo batches are guaranteed to be our freshest stock at all times! This is due to the nature of the fact that Green Maeng Da is POPULAR. (high turnover on *NEW*, fresh batches)

Easily our “Most Popular” Leaf - Hyper Hippo has carried this title since the start. 

Hyper Hippo set the foundation for “Fast” Kratom Strains, effects to expect:

  • Productivity (Work, Cleaning Your Room, Volunteering)

  • Motivation to Socialize (or at least get out of the house to accomplish To-Do-Lists)

  • Thoughts more easily morph into Actions

  • Awareness of your environment may be heightened 

  • Creativity at “Sweet Spot” doses

While Hyper Hippo is #1, the most well-rounded Kratom users have at least three different Strains to rotate amongst to receptors keep guessing!

Newbies may consider buying:

  • Hyper Hippo (All-Time #1 Hall of Fame Strain)

  • Newbie Starter Pack (3 Hippo Brand Name Ounces)

The Luxury Hippo Starter Expeirence!

Maeng Da Kratom
“Hippo Hall-of-Famer.”

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Green Maeng Da Elite Kratom (Hyper Hippo)

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