Hippo Standard

The Happy Hippo Standard

We are committed to bringing you the most clean, the most fresh, and the most effective plain leaf (non-enhanced or genetically modified) botanical research products that you can possibly find.


The suppliers that we work with - we have done so for over a half-decade and we are also their customers.


We try to provide a variety of options at an affordable price but our primary focus is meeting your QUALITY expectations.


Hippo Cleanliness Standard

As both a customer and small distributor – we take cleanliness very seriously.


You WILL NEVER find dirt, sand, hair, bugs, fish scales, rice, insect eggs or other debris in any of our products.


This has NEVER been a concern with our suppliers.


Other distributors, however, may purchase massive inexpensive lots from large plantations that pay far less attention to cleanliness and have very low standards.


Hippo Freshness Standard

We do our very best to keep a reasonable supply of each product in stock.


We, however, only purchase in small amounts to ensure the potency and quality of product. At times, we will run out of stock and ask for your patience.


We usually receive a fresh supply every 15 to 20 days. Often the product is less than 3 weeks old by the time to reaches you.


While there is no official “shelf life” for most dried botanicals – we can assure you that the contents of your order has not been sitting on the ground in a warehouse for months (or years) at a time.


Hippo Effectiveness Standard

We have very carefully chosen each specific variety that we sell.


Years of experience (trial and error) factor into the products we have for sale.


We use multiple suppliers – sometimes just for one or two products depending on the season.


All of our products (unless specifically indicated as otherwise) are PLAIN LEAF and do not contain any hidden extracts or enhancements that will be temporarily beneficial to you.


Likewise, there are no fillers.


We also personally test EVERYTHING that is for sale.


While everyone’s experience may vary – we think that we can provide you with the VERY BEST of the VERY BEST.


We think you will agree.