Red Hot Hippo (Social Energy & Positive Vibe)
Red Maeng Da Kratom Powder

Reference the Happy Hippo Kratom Strains Chart to compare Red Maeng Da Effects!

  1. Speed: FAST (Social Energy, Enthusiastic Vibe)

  2. Origin: MAENG DA

  3. Vein Color: RED

Red Hot Hippo!

Red Vein Maeng Da’s main benefit is Energy.

It’s incredibly common for Newbies to have misguided expectations for Red Hot Hippo simply because it is a Red Kratom Leaf. surprise Try to base purchases by our Hippo Kratom Strain Chart:

  • Red Hot Hippo is a Fast Leaf –► Fast Leafs are best used when Energy is your #1 Desire!

However, Energy can come in all kinds of forms and may be “augmented” in one way or another. 

Red Maeng Da will offer a unique experience relative to Green, Yellow, & White Maeng Da.

Red Hot Hippo, particularly when you’ve found your “Sweet Spot” dosage, may faintly promote a higher sense of well-being. Between the subtle increase to senses (perspective of yourself & others), coupled with the expected boost to Energy, Red Maeng Da yeilds a higher Social IQ! 

  • Warm Senses + Active Mind = Social Intelligence enlightened

Red Maeng Da

“Not what you expect, Better than you expect.”

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Red Maeng Da Elite Kratom (Red Hot Hippo)

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