• Maeng Da Elite White (Rockstar On-the-Go Tear-Bags)

20 x 2.5gram Rockstar Fast-Tear Bags!
(Quick Use)

If convenience is important but you prefer Fast-acting powder to capsules, we have "On-the-Go" bags.

This product contains 20 individual Rockstar fast-tear bags, all measured at 2.5 grams Fast, efficient use.

20 packs of 2.5grams apiece ~ 50grams total

We chose Rockstar because it consistently ranks as a Top 3 Happy Hippo Strain.

We can't take specific requests yet for 'On-The-Go' tear bags, but we'll do our best to make these On-the-Go options available for other strains as soon as we can! 

Every pack is pre-measured @ 2.5grams, so you do not need a scale to measure your powder.

Maeng Da Elite White (Rockstar On-the-Go Tear-Bags)

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