• Bentuangie Chocolate (Cozy Chocolate Hippo)

New! Cozy Chocolate Hippo

Try Hippo's version of this relaxing slow Leaf!!

Cozy Chocolate Hippo (Bentuangie Chocolate)

Projected Speed: Relaxing

Chocolate Bentuangie is a rare red-veined strain that we've avoided carrying for a long time. Why? Because it's hard to find a high-quality supplier! We never want to offer anything less than the best. 

And we've found it. 

If you're searching for a strain that'll help you kick back and watch your favorite television show (The Office!) without falling asleep, this is it. Bentuangie is famous for relaxing properties that aren't overly sedative. 

Be warned though: the most avid Bentuangie fans say it works under the radar. It doesn't "pack a punch" in the same way as some of our faster strains. We don't think Bentuangie will be for everyone, but we do believe the people who like it will LOVE it. We surely do. 

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Terms of Use

We DO NOT sell any of our products with any medical claims.
** This product is not intended to treat, cure or prevent any illness or disease.
Our products are not intended for use by pregnant or nursing women or if you have a medical condition.
DO NOT combine with alcohol or ANY prescription medications.
Not for sale to persons under 21.    
Our product is a 100% unadulterated botanical specimen harvested without pesticides

Bentuangie Chocolate (Cozy Chocolate Hippo)

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