Happy Hippo Valentine’s Red & White Leaf Pack
(9 x 1oz bags at Special Valentine’s Week Price)!
Price = $85 (bought individually ~$115-125)

This lovely time of the year, we are excited to introduce - Valentine’s Hippo Pack!

All Valentine’s Hippo Packs will contain the exact same Strains (3 Fast, 3 Moderate, and 3 Slow):

  1. 1oz Invincible Hippo [FAST]
  2. 1oz Red Hot Hippo [FAST]
  3. 1oz Lightning Hippo [FAST]
  4. 1oz Platinum White Bali [MODERATE]
  5. 1oz Roadrunner Hippo [MODERATE]
  6. 1oz Happy Hippo 2 [MODERATE]
  7. 1oz Magic Hippo [SLOW]
  8. 1oz Fire Hippo [SLOW]
  9. 1oz Happy Heart Hippo [SLOW]

    * We can’t take specific requests, all the Valentine’s Hippo packs are pre-made.

These NINE 1-ounce bags are some of Happy Hippo's most BELOVED strains!


Share some LOVE with your Valentine this year!

This large sample pack is A GREAT way to explore and expand your Kratom Strain Rotation/Inventory


What is “Fast”, “Slow”, & “Moderate”?

These terms describe the ‘effect’ of the product.

Slow is Relaxing, Fast is Vibrant.

Learn Here – Kratom Strains Chart

Valentine's Hippo Pack (9 x 1oz Bags at Special Price)

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  • $85.00