White Hulu Kratom

* July 2019 batch: Very Slow, Happy

"Hulu Kapuas" [Less Common White Leaf]

Projected Speed: Slow (Happy)

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So White Hulu is the Best Hulu?

I think so.

The White version is very unique and even seasoned connoisseurs should like it.

'Hulu Kapuas' (in any color) is a fairly rare leaf. 

Hulu is generally found as Red leaf.

We previously carried Red Hulu in early 2017, but our newest batch is White. 

Personally, I think the White Hulu leaf is noticeably better to the more common Red Hulu.

'Slow' White Hulu leaf tends to have a far more unique balance of alkaloids and simply works better - especially for those who often turn to Red for the 'slow (Happy) effects'.

You can consider 'Super White Hulu' to be a unique slow strain. 

Newbies should react well to this uncommon White version of this unique strain. 

If you like Slow strains but previously dismissed Red Hulu as an average strain - give White Hulu a try.

It may surprise you!

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Superior White Hulu Kratom (Hulu Hippo)

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