• Super White Indo Kratom (Roadrunner Hippo)
Roadrunner Hippo (Animated Charisma)

White Indo Kratom Powder

Why Buy White Indo Kratom? [Effects]

Reference the Happy Hippo Kratom Strain Chart to compare Super White Indo!

  1. Speed: MODERATE (Charismatic Energy)

  2. Origin: INDO

  3. Vein Color: WHITE

Happy Hippo Storytime – Super White Indo Review

Roadrunner Hippo is not as Fast as you may expect, given the brand-name. (Beep Beep!)

While Indo Super White certainly can help with typical necessities such as smiling, doing-the-dishes, Roadrunner Hippo offers distinct stimulation coupled with unique capabilities:

  • Social Acuity
  • Emotional Energy
  • Warm, Active Senses

The collective benefit could possibly best be described as “Charisma”!

Observation of this trait requires Human to Human interaction. If you have any trouble getting out of the house (or your head) to socialize, Roadrunner Hippo is fit for you.  blushheart

Super Indo Kratom

“Charisma cannot be purchased, only provoked.”

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Super White Indo Kratom (Roadrunner Hippo)

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