Kratom Dosage: How Much to Take for Long-Term Benefits

How To Dose Kratom
(for Long-Term Quality of Life)

Learning about Kratom Dosage will be a process of trial and error.

We are going to speed up your learning curve significantly.

Many of us at Happy Hippo use Kratom everyday (and have done so for nearly a decade).

While 'Rotating Kratom Strains' (i.e using a different Leaf everyday) is super important, managing your ideal dose is equally important.

You will CONSISTENTLY experience Kratom's Effects whether you take it 5-Times-A-Month or 3-Times-A-Day. 

Hint: Even Veteran Users oftentimes need to revisit this conversation —

"How Much Kratom Should I Take." 

Does Happy Hippo have Good Advice to Share? 

(20+ Years of Kratom or "Mitra" Experience)

We personally have two decades of trail and error experience under our belt. 

Some of us dose Kratom EVERYDAY (for years on end) and currently have a serving-size similar to when we began.

When Newbies ask "How many grams of Kratom to take?" - they are often expecting a 1-Digit 'Answer'.

Rarely are things so simple. 

A Happy Hippo concept dubbed "Sweet Spot" (the perfect Kratom Leaf Dosage based on your desired Effects at the time) has emerged.

"Sweet Spot" is not a singular digit —

  • Sweet Spot represents a range of possible doses that provide Kratom Effects for you.

This range will be defined by a high point and a low point.

Let's discuss how to find this range, and how to keep this range as stable as possible.

  • While this Dosage Conversation is geared to Newbies — We all can become more adept with Mitragyna Speciosa.

Kratom is a Tree

(Find Your 'Sweet Spot' Dosage One Leaf At A Time)

It's easy to lose sight of the fact that finely ground High-Quality Kratom Powder was once just a brazen Leaf that fell from a Tree. 

Imagine your Friend plants a Kratom Tree in your backyard.

Your Friend says you can experience Magical benefits from the Kratom Tree!

  • Energy, Awareness
  • Discomfort-relief in the Mind and Body
  • An overall sense of feeling "Young Again"
  • Motivated, with less Distracting Thoughts
  • Pro-Social, Positive Vibes

But your Friend also says -

  • If you consume too many leaves the short-term result is Nausea and over the long-term the Tree will stop giving.

Knowing this, You would very likely only consume a single Leaf from this Magical Tree each day.

This is equivalent to: 


Friend with Tree

How Much Kratom To Take?

(Bare Minimum Newbie Dose Recommendations for Happy Hippo's Strong Strains)

As a Newbie - Finding your "Sweet Spot" will be a process of trial and error, but here are Newbie suggestions for OUR product -

  • Simplest But-Still-Safe Recommended STARTER Serving-Sizes for Happy Hippo Strains:
    • Female Newbies Start At - ~0.5 Grams (1/4 teaspoon)
    • Male Newbies Start At - ~1.0 Gram (1/2 teaspoon)

Kratom Powder Dosage

  • Fine-powdered products are the best choice for initially defining your sweet spot range. 
  • You can adjust your dosage by very small increments each time. (Small incremental changes are especially suggested for Ladies)
  • Kratom Capsules are still totally OK for starting out but they are not as versatile for dose adjustments. 

In reality, these serving-size suggestions are fairly low.

It is better to take 'too little' (no benefits) than 'too much' (temporary irritating effects).

Remember, the Newbie serving suggestions are for Happy Hippo Kratom.

Our product tends to be considerably stronger than most lackluster generic plain-leaf on the market.

More Specific Kratom Dose Guidelines for Happy Hippo Newbies

(Determined by Weight and Gender)

We're not going to ask how much you weigh!

But, you'll need to know a reasonably accurate number and also check "L" or "G".

Kratom Dosage Chart!

  • Ladies, [L] :

Below 125 lbs: [0.25-0.50 Gram or <1/4 Teaspoon]
125-160 lbs: [0.50-0.75 Gram or >1/4 Teaspoon]
Above 160 lbs: [0.75-1.00 Gram or ~1/2 Teaspoon]

  • Gentlemen, [G]:

Below 150 lbs: [0.75-1.5 Gram or 1/2~ Teaspoon]
150-210 lbs: [1.5-2.25 Gram or 1 Teaspoon]
Above 210 lbs: [2.25-3.0 Gram or > 1 Teaspoon]

Remember -

These are simply suggested starting-points that work really well for most Hippos.

If you have an experienced Friend who knows how you are likely to react (and has used our Kratom) - trust your friend!

Keep In Mind: Ignore advice from anyone without real, proven Kratom experience.

Advice mimicking the notion Kratom is a recreational drug (severe withdrawal symptoms, you'll fail a drug test, etc) is made from fear.

"Leafer Madness" is easy to spot, usually from someone with no Herbal experience.

Avoid bad advice at all costs.

Trust in a Friend or Family Member that has significant experience -AND/OR- trust Happy Hippo!

How to Use Kratom As a Newbie

(No Expectations, Effects will come with Experience!)

Best case scenario is you LOVE your very first Kratom Experience. 

That's perfect, and it can happen!

But -

It doesn't always happen - so don't set yourself up for disappointment.

Most people need a few weeks or a month to figure out their Mitragyna Speciosa "Sweet Spot".

How much Kratom Should I take? 

  • Start with the suggested serving-sizes above and you'll avoid a rough start.
  • As you test out new doses of Kratom try a small amount more, such as 0.25 Grams, each time
  • The first Experience you have that is truly enjoyable can be defined as the bottom of your Sweet Spot Range. 

Many Hippos know how much Kratom to take within 15 Servings!

Happy Hippo suggests making 2 Sweet Spot Dosage "guesses" (servings) per day for the first week. 

As a Newbie, if you have 2 Kratom doses per day - you should have good idea of how much Kratom to take within a week!
(it helps to write down how much you took and the time of day)

Limiting yourself to 2 dose "Guesses" a day allows room for any error that may occur when trying to define this common question:

How long does Kratom last? 

Wisdom says it takes 6-8 hours for Mitragyna Speciosa to exit your system enough such that you can have a fresh dose for full effect.

Each new Human we hire to the Hippo Team gets their 2 Kratom doses per day and that's it!

Jeff, our latest Friend and Hippo Team Member, is a 50 Year old Male that is roughly 200 Pounds. 

1 Kratom Gram wasn't enough.

Neither was 1.5, 2.0, or 2.5 Grams. But, Jeff will soon find his Sweet Spot and he will be very Happy for the long-term! 

All it takes is 1 Bad or "unHappy" experience to be disappointed and give up on Kratom. 

Serving-size Can Vary Between Vein Color, Origin, and Speed

(But Don't Worry About it!)

There's countless different types (Strains) of Kratom. 

If you have a high-quality source your Sweet Spot will be similar for each Strain - regardless of which Strain you use. 

Where to buy Kratom?

  • For only High-Quality Kratom Strains (Happy Customer Service, Same Day Shipping, Weekly Sales, and More!)
  • (hint: Happy Hippo!)


Leaf can be: Green, White, Yellow, and Red vein.

Kratom users may *feel the effects* of White Veins in a different manner than Red Vein Leaf.


The general location is Southeast Asia but each part of Planet Earth is different! 

Leaf can be from: Malaysia, Thailand, Mainland Indonesia (Maeng Da and "Indo"), or the small Indonesian islands: Bali and Sumatra.  

Fun Fact: 1 Hippo Team Member traveled to Mitra's native lands in 2019 with intent to help secure its future in the United States.


"Speed" is a unique Happy Hippo concept.

The "Fast" Strains support energy and motivation.

The "Slow" Strains support overall relaxation. 

The "Moderate" Strains are somewhere in-between.

Kratom Powder Dosage Guide is not based on the Strain Chart; it is still important to know the Speed of each Leaf.

The Happy Hippo Kratom Strains Chart is built upon the "Speed" or Effects of Each Leaf

It's reasonable to expect that your Dosage with Top-Shelf Green Bali (Slow, Green Leaf) may be slightly different from your Hyper Hippo - Elite Green Maeng Da Kratom Dosage's Sweet Spot (Fast, Green Leaf). 

Fast Strains oftentimes resonate the best at slightly lower doses of Kratom compared to Slow or Moderate Strains.

Don't be alarmed!

We suggest Newbies ignore the possibility that Sweet Spot Doses can vary between Strains.

If you buy Kratom that is High-Quality each Strain's Dosage will be about the same.

There are lower-hanging-fruits (variables) you can focus on for better gains~!

Best Kratom Effects?

(1 Dosage Variable worth focusing on)

Eating a large amount of food just before drinking your Kratom Tea is generally a poor choice. 

The best Kratom Experiences normally occur first thing in the morning when your stomach and Mind are clear.

This allows for optimal digestion of your dose of High-Quality Kratom Powder or Capsules. 

It is not feasible to have an empty tummy every time you enjoy Mitra's benefits. 

Just try to not have a new dose within an hour of eating a full meal. 

It is 100% OK if you have have a dose after eating.  

  • Just know that you'll want to have a slightly higher dose (10-20% larger) anytime you recently have eaten lots of calories.
  • The most consistent, strongest Kratom Effects tend to be on an empty stomach and with a clear, open mind. 

Newbies - Do Not "Eyeball" Your Serving Size
(Use a Small Scale or Teaspoon!)

Newbies can easily measure their EXACT Kratom Dose with a small but accurate kitchen scale.


1.0 level Teaspoon = 2.00 Grams 

→ 0.5 level Teaspoon = 1.00 Gram 

→ 0.25 level Teaspoon = 0.50 Grams 

→ 1/8th level Teaspoon = 0.25 Grams 


Adjust Dosing by One Kratom Leaf at a time: Adjust each serving-size by 0.25-0.50 Grams each time until you begin to feel the Magic. 

Empty Stomach is optimal, AND be sure to drink lots of Water: Rule 101 on how to use Kratom, Stay Hydrated!

Remember: Be patient like the Kratom Tree.

Kratom Powder Dosage Tool (1/2 Teaspoon)

If you order the "Happy Hippo Newbie Pack" you will receive this 1 Gram (1/2 Teaspoon) Scoop

~Kratom Dosage Guide~

(Focus on Quality of Life: Resonate with the Kratom Tree for Life, not just Today)

The Sweet Spot isn't a "Spot", a specified number of Kratom Leaves, or a single-digit number.

Sweet Spot is a range developed from personal trial and error. 

 The range of possible serving-sizes and your Sweet Spot in this range is dependent upon your desired effects at the time. 

Kratom has a very wide range of interpretable effects.

For a longterm Kratom Quality of Life you will want to keep your chosen range of serving-sizes narrow. 

The narrower your range, the less willing you are to take a higher doses of Kratom for the "Feel Good" vibe.

Strongest Kratom Effects

  • Save the most intense Kratom Benefits for when you need them.
  • Or when someone else does (Kratom Herbs should be readily available for those in need).

"Sharing Kratom Tea is Caring": Hippos oftentimes share Kratom with Friends and Family because it gives them a Happy Heart. 

Happy Hippo Kratom Review

Daily doses will need to be on the low-end of your range for a long-term Happy Kratom Lifestyle.

It just so-happens lower doses tend to be correlated with maximizing the stimulating-effects of Mitra.

While the higher doses tend to promote more relaxation. 

This holds true whether we are talking about a Slow, Moderate, or Fast Leaf.

Each Strain carries the potential to stimulate or relax you - but depending on its Speed Category, you'll know what to expect the most of.

Re-cap: Buy 'Slow' Kratom if your main desire is help with relaxation or Discomfort-relief.
You can confidently expect to be cozy, mellow, or relaxed from a high dosed Slow Strain. 
At low doses you may find Slow Strains to be uniquely stimulating, too!

Don't stress having the *perfect* dose for every single Tea or believe years of experience are required to reap Mitra's benefits.

Some days you may shake out just a little more Leaf without even thinking about it. Or, a little less!

(if you have the slightest hint of Nausea or a fuzzy/foggy-Head you are taking too much.Try a little less, for a lot more result!)

~Happy Hippo Kratom Dosage Guide~

Getting Started with a safe and wise dose of Kratom is what'll set the tone for the rest of your Lifestyle.

You have to navigate your personal dosage range each day - how much to take is a daily decision, decided by intuition.

Trust your intuition!

1 Big Tolerance Error: Kratom Extract Dosage

Kratom Tolerance is not a "bad" thing.

It is some thing that is shared by anyone who benefits from Kratom Extracts, Powder, or Capsules on a frequent basis.

Its worth denoting that Happy Hippo does not provide Kratom Extracts. Sorry!

Kratom Extract

  • While High Quality Extracts can be used responsibly and effectively - we do not want Newbies to rely upon them.
  • The long-term side effects of Extracts are not desirable, generally speaking.
  • High-Quality Plain-Leaf Mitra eliminates the necessity for a "stronger product".

How much Kratom Extract to take to drastically raise your Tolerance? - Not Much At All

It is far more difficult to manage your serving-size range with Extracted or "Enhanced" Mitragyna Speciosa products. 

Leaves (Natural Products) fall from Trees, Kratom Extracts do not.

We suggest to avoid Kratom Extracts as they have a higher potential to disrupt your Dosage range. Kratom Tolerance is best kept low!

Where You Buy Kratom Determines Dosage

(Potency is dependent upon Quality) 

Plants certainly are affected by Mother Earth and its various moods.

Climate changes, etc.

It is natural to have variance between dried Kratom Leaves and this can be observed by:

  • Vein Color (lighter or darker batches)
  • Taste (bitterness)
  • Smell (freshness)
  • Mix-ability (how easy it is to drink)

Some batches will be stronger than others!

Do the best you can to purchase your favorite plant from a trusted Company. One that was built on integrity, not-advertising. 

Buy Kratom Online 

Certainly avoid Head-shop, Gas-Station, or Walmart quality Kratom Products. 

Do business with an Online Vendor that has a reputation behind all of its products.  

Kratom Capsules and correlating Powder Products need to be the same Quality. 

You'd think it's safe to assume Hyper Hippo powder (Green Maeng Da Kratom) would be the same as Hyper Caps and you'd be correct!

(Learn how to purchase Green Maeng Da Kratom Capsules for sale, here!

Whether you prefer Capsules or Powder, just make certain they are both High-Quality and Lab Tested. 

How to use Kratom?

How much Kratom Powder to take VS. Kratom Capsules is a pretty common question. 

As long as there isn't a difference in the quality you're fine with an equivalent sweet spot range. 

Kratom Online can be sold by Vendors with high doses as their recommended starting serving-sizes.

They may recommend you (regardless of Size, Weight, Sex) to start at 5 Kratom Grams or more!

Their suggestions may be very accurate if their products are low-quality. 

A great way to avoid Tolerance errors is to simply ensure you buy High-Quality Plain-Leaf Products.

Occasionally Consume Smaller Doses than your Normal Dosage
(Reduce Kratom intake once or twice each week)

"Less is More"

This timeless advice does not apply to everything in Life.

But it certainly applies to this conversation:

  • How to take Kratom with the future in-mind?

Imagine your Sweet Spot Range as being between 2.0-3.0 Grams on an average day.

You'll want to prove to yourself that 2.0 Grams is the lowest amount you can consume for effects.

If you take 1.5 Grams and the effects are too subtle or non-existent, you have effectively proven it is truly worth having 2.0 Grams (or slightly more) for each dose on an average day.

Testing a smaller dose once or twice a week will help keep your range stable and trustworthy. 

Trusting yourself is easier said than done.

Live out this recommendation on a weekly-basis and you will reap the rewards of a stable Kratom Tolerance

What Is Kratom's Perfect Dosage?

Plants and Trees are not so simple! 

Navigating your personal Kratom Dosage range will take practice.

The GOOD news is -

With a reputable and high-quality product, the experience will ultimately be very Happy and Rewarding. 

Start with the BARE MINIMUM and add very small amounts until you hit your Sweet Spot.

If you are making a conscious effort to not take more Kratom than you need (and rotating Strains) - your Tolerance will remain very stable.

Have a conversation with yourself each day regarding:

  • How much Kratom to take?
  • Does this dose best contribute to a Long-term, Happy Kratom Lifestyle? 

Your Happiest Friend,

~ Puddles the Most Happy Hippo

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What's your personal dose?

Many say that Happy Hippo Plain-Leaf Kratom requires a serving that is up to 50% Less than other brands.

Is this really true?

Any comments that request or reference medical advice, conditions or related cannot be approved.

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Yes Professor Mike and even with the giveaway, the Buy Kratom blog still has got a long way to go to pass the Dosage blog at now over 10,000 hits!! That goes to show people were clamoring for guidance on dosage. But the giveaway did serve one valuable purpose, it got people to post on the blog and hopefully we will get more participation in the comments section on future blogs.

Mike and Puddles how do you get your response to show up as a response instead of a separate blog post? My post always just show up as a separate blog post instead of under/related to the post I am referencing. Am I missing something or just an idiot?? Oh no don't answer

Obi Wan
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I also agree that it is best to stay away from using an extract on a regular basis. Some companies peddle their "premium" or "king" strains. But, when you do a little research, although they don't come out and say it, you find out that these products are nothing more than weak leaf with extract added. Happy Hippo doesn't have to resort to these ploys as they actually have superior quality leaf.

Also, unfortunately I have seen rather absurd recommendations for dosage in some comments on the blog. While I think it is great to have an open exchange and sharing of ideas, please beware of post that advise high doses, ie. take 2g, 30 mins later take another 2g, an hour later take another 2g etc. In my opinion these are really unnecessarily high doses when using an ultra high quality product like Happy Hippo. If you want advise on dosage, the recommendations in Puddle's above blog are excellent and sweet spot on!! #HIPPOSTRONG

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Whoops- guilty as charged. I posted about this for Cozy Chocolate Hippo, it worked in my experience and friends’ experience but you’re right it isn’t a great recommendation for total newbies, thanks for pointing this out you two. Sometimes I get caught up in my own Hippo experience over the years and what my experience is like VS when I first started ~4 years ago!

In the beginning I dosed 2g at noon and that was it for me the entire day, and feeling the kratom Magic.

Sorry about that! You can definitely delete that Cozy Chocolate comment, it came from a good place, but I can see how it would come off as confusing to newbies!

- Mike C

Mike C
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Professor Mike,

No worries! Your insightful tips, context provided, are always worth sharing.

Dosage "spacing" is next level.

Newbies get the most of out of Kratom by keeping things simple and repeatable.

Puddles Hippo
This comment was minimized by the moderator on the site

Okay, thank you puddles!

Spacing meaning like repeat doses instead of letting it ride out for 4-5 hours, but you're completely right newbies get the most out of Kratom by keeping things simple and repeatable like you said!

Sometimes it's hard for me to articulate things. (heart)

- Professor Mike

Mike C
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Herd not heard. And advice not advise. Ugh!! Obi must proofread before he hits send. Sometimes Obi's hoofs/hooves (if you want to know which one of these is correct good luck...well actually both) are faster than his brain. Hey it's hard typing with one hoof while holding a light saber in the other!!

Obi (scratches head) ….hmm maybe that Grammarly isn't such a bad idea after all!!

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Where do i buy this?

This comment was minimized by the moderator on the site

Hi Christine,

Great question! Obi Hippo acknowledged this but You are right where you want to be!

You can reference the Happy Hippo Starting Point or "Homepage", here. Shazam!

(Or simply click on the Happy Hippo Herbals Logo at the top-left side of this page)

Comment was last edited about 3 weeks ago by Puddles Hippo Puddles Hippo
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Hi Christine. You can order the highest quality mitragyna speciosa right here Your text to link. Happy Hippo is the premier vendor with "The Very Highest Quality Kratom on Planet Earth" . In fact by posting here you are already on the Happy Hippo site. Just scroll to the top of the page and click Newbies, Slow, Moderate or Fast for a listing of all of the different strains.

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Im new to this site

Christine Clare
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Thanks puddles, very informative, after reading I found my sweet spot to be 1gram for fast strain, 1.5-2 gram for slower strain. Twice a day. I'm only 140lb male. Best kratom I have ever had!!! Keep up the good work!!

This comment was minimized by the moderator on the site

What’s the difference (benefit wise, health wise, effect wise, etc) of ingesting HH powder versus chewing on the leaf straight from the tree? And is the preferred dosing ****od of farmers to chew on the leafs rather than dry the leaves and ingest them?

As a user of less than a year, my sweet spot has sat around 3 grams once or twice a day. At first it was 2.25 grams (roughly 1tsp); I’m not sure how much one leaf is equivalent to in powder form, but would like to very much know. I highly suggest the rotation of different strains as this does seem to help keep the “happy” vibes going.

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Happy I ran across this! I'm taking more than anyone I've ever heard of. This is ridiculous!

Robert Bates
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"Happy" you ran across us, too!

Feel free to write us a Letter (Email) if you needed to discuss any specifics.

Lowering your Dosage is possible, and we'd heavily suggest doing-so if you're above a range that'll enable you to have long-term Kratom Benefits.

The short-term benefits are great, but when its all-said-and-done, the long-term benefits are what the Mind and Body desire.

Puddles Hippo
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When I did the conversion with online tools, it says that 1 tsp is equivalent to 5g. This post says that 1 tsp is equal to 2g. I typically use 1/4 tsp, 1/2 tsp or 1 tsp to determine sweet spot. I was using the 5g for 1 tsp & I thought mine was pretty high, however it seems that I was wrong. This has helped me. Thank you for the clarification on measuring a dose.

This comment was minimized by the moderator on the site

Howdy Mark,

Thank you for the opportunity to further clarify the Teaspoon/Kratom conversations.

In truth, a level 1.0 Teaspoon is actually right around 2.2 Grams of Happy Hippo Kratom Powder.

That being said - it is better for us to simply state a 1.0 Teaspoon = 2.0 Grams Kratom.

The extra 0.2 Grams complicates things quite a bit, because that means the 0.5, 0.25, and 1/8th Teaspoon serving-sizes will also not be at nice round numbers. Ultimately, knowing the precise weight of your Kratom Powder is not exceedingly important.

As long as you are in the right ballpark (2.0 Grams is close enough to 2.2 Grams) you will be OK!

That being said, 5.0 Grams is not in the right ballpark.

So we're really Happy you were able to read through everything and gain knowledge that'll help shape the long-term!

Thanks again for the comment, Mark! I (Puddles) really enjoyed writing this post and will try to write more often!



Puddles Hippo
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